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Friday, January 15, 2010

Using a spoon.

Mira's made great progress with utensils. Often now, I'll help her to use a fork or spoon by placing the utensil in her hand and then guiding it with my own hand. And if the food is sticky or thick enough, she can do it on her own, dipping the spoon into the food and then bringing it to her mouth without assistance or interference. Interestingly enough, she seems to be a bit more adept with her left hand than her right, though she still switches back and forth readily. And it's less of a mess than you might imagine. I put a towel in her lap to catch the drips, and put on one of her big bibs, and that pretty much contains the mess. Her face and hands are usually covered when she's done, but she doesn't fling the spoon around much or experiment with putting spoonfuls of food where it doesn't belong... yet. I'm pretty impressed with her!

I have to give Brian credit for this one; he's the one who showed me that she could do it. I've noticed that I tend to stick to routine and Brian's the one who tends to push her to try new things. I guess it makes a good balance, between the two of us.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Those plastic pocket bibs are BRILLIANT, aren't they? lol I, too, was worried about how messy self-feeding was gonna be but have also been impressed. D will dribble some yogurt on himself, and sure when he eats rice (which he LOVES) we usually end up with a good bit of it on the floor (I bought one of those plastic floor-cover things people use in offices to put on carpet so rolling chairs still roll-- helps protect the carpet under his high chair) but for the most part the mess isn't too bad.