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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First molar. And first bubble bath.

Today Mira cut her first molar. She's been a tad fussy over the last few days, and hasn't been eating as much solid food, but other than that she seems to be teething pretty easily. That makes 8 teeth total now. She has the front four on top, and then only 3 in the front on bottom, and now one molar on her top left. I'm starting to wonder about those bottom 3 teeth. Seems like the fourth should have come up by now to balance it out (she has the front two in the middle, but then only one more on her left side, not on her right, making her look a little off balance). Do any of you experienced parents remember your child's teeth coming in unevenly like that? I guess even if it never comes in, I'm not really worried about it, since it's just her baby teeth, but if she doesn't end up having the corresponding adult tooth, then that could make an interesting conundrum for her future orthodontist.

Also, Mira had her first bubble bath tonight. Feast your eyes upon the cuteness:


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Marcy said...

Baby 411 said that the only real order for teeth coming in is the bottom 2 come in first, and after that there's a "general" sequence that some kids follow, but it can also be totally random.

If for some reason it doesn't ever come in, she'll probably need something to "save" that space so that adult teeth don't come in crowded, but I doubt you'll need to worry about that, and certainly no need yet.