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Friday, November 20, 2009

What is it about Whole Foods?

Today Mira and I went to Whole Foods to try and find some organic preservative-free hot dogs and some sugar-free freeze-dried fruit. (We found both! Aint Whole Foods grand?) Now let me preface this by saying that when Mira goes out, she gets noticed. It's just something about her. She's beautiful and smiles easily and does cute things like wave at people and then clap her hands when they wave back. Often when we go out and a Mira-admirer comes over to say hi, I'll stop my shopping for a minute, let Mira flirt a bit, say thank you for all the compliments she receives and then go on my way. But it seems like any time I go to Whole Foods we get mobbed. Is it a little-known fact that only baby lovers shop at Whole Foods? Today she literally drew a crowd. At one point there were no less than 5 people all standing around my shopping cart exclaiming about her teeth/eyes/cheeks/toes/smile/etc. Mira, of course, was eating it up. She'd smile and wave and hold her hands up high as if to say, "And now look what I'm doing. Aren't I amazing?" The crowd finally dispersed when they realized they were blocking the isle. I love that Mira has such an attractive personality, but sometimes I just want to do my shopping and get back home. It was past Mira's nap time and I knew we'd be facing a rough car ride home unless I could get out of there quickly. So eventually I started giving would-be admirers the cold shoulder. A quick "thanks" and not even stop walking. I kind of felt bad about it later... they just wanted to adore Mira, and I certainly can't blame them for that. But I was starting to get an idea of how celebrities feel with the paparazzi. Normally when we go out, we get a few hellos and a handful of compliments, but at Whole Foods it always seems like much more than usual. So what is it about Whole Foods? Are health nuts also baby nuts? Does organic food bring out the desire to procreate? Does farm-raised chicken smell like baby powder?


Donna Kinney said...

It's just that people who shop at Whole Foods don't have babies of their own. Once they have babies, they can't AFFORD to shop at Whole Foods any more!

Marcy said...

That's so funny. My friend was telling me recently about how she took her baby to Home Depot and it was as if someone had announced "Baby on aisle 5!" over the loudspeaker, because she swore every single female employee in the entire store came searching for her to coo over her baby.

As an interesting aside, I recently read that strangers tend to stop and smile or comment on baby girls more often than baby boys.

Lindsey said...

R. gets quite a few compliments at Central Market too. There is a friendly crowd that shops there, even the checkers are friendly. Something about expensive food makes people happy? Course she doesn't eat it up, she hides behind me and shuns the admirers. I'm used to it now but I used to be embarrassed.