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Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's my own fault really. I've created my own prison. You see, months ago, when Mira started kissing Brian and me, I thought it was great. I thought, "That is so adorable. That's a behavior that I want to encourage." Silly me. But how was I to know the trouble a kiss could make? Or rather, a bunch of kisses, as the case may be... And therein lies the problem. Mira loves to kiss. I call it "kiss" but really, it's more of a gaping mouth pressed anywhere in the vicinity of a face. A little intimidating, if you don't know what she's doing. In any case, it's not just Brian and me anymore. Her new target: every baby at every play date. Which leaves me making the statement, "I hope no one is a germ-o-phobe, because Mira loves to kiss" at least three times a week (read, at every play date). This disclaimer has always been met with either dismissal ("I got over the germ thing a long time ago.") or acceptance ("It's so cute!"). But I always wonder if the other moms are just saying those things to avoid causing a fuss. I wonder if, inwardly, they are thinking, "Christ, that little smooch-happy freak is going to give my baby swine flu". I always thought that we'd escape the "little girl who chases kids down to kiss them" phase for at least a few years, but alas. I'm unprepared! What should I do? Should I continue to let her spread her disease-ridden saliva with abandon? Should I try to get her to only kiss family or to stop the behavior entirely? What do you think? (FYI, so far I've been letting her get in a kiss or two, but beyond that or if it appears that the other baby is getting frustrated with her being in their face, then I stop her and steer her toward another activity.)

And to appease the masses, cute pix:


Marcy said...

That's really friggin cute. =P

As the mother of a thumb-sucker (aka child who smears his germ-ridden saliva anywhere and everywhere he goes), I totally know what you're going through. It's also come up since Donovan discovered he can name body/face parts, his favorite being "eyes" and of course once cannot point out that someone else has eyes without poking them in order to show precisely where those eyes are.

I would say try to teach her to kiss the top of a baby's head (staying away from mouth/face/hands) if possible, otherwise just try to steer her away. She'll learn eventually when it is/not ok.

Besides, anyone who's truly germ-phobic will probably just move their kid away when they see what she does. That is, if they're brave enough to even leave the house.

Anjea said...

Yay pictures! I love that last one in particular. Something about her expression...

Cody Casterline said...

Oh you poor poor dear. It must be so dreadful having such an adorable daughter. ;)

With my zero experience in parenting, your "a kiss or two" approach seems pretty reasonable. Mira gets to say hi, and you can help let her know (by stopping her) when the other kid isn't so into it. :)