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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Settling in

So we made it home in good time and earlier that normal.  It took a bit of pushing from us but all the docs and nurses said OK when they saw how well things were going.  There was a funny / agrivating couple of hours there where all the nurses had finished up and still thought someone else needed to do something before we could go; but no harm done.  The goddess must have been smiling at us because even though we left the (down-town) hospital during rush hour, we sped home without any traffic.  

The first night was a bit rough, Mira would *not* be put down in her crib so we ended up putting her on the bed with us... neither of us slept well because every little sound would cause us to open our eyes and peek.  I'll admit to sleeping much better than Laura (and I feel more than a little guilty about that) but I know for sure that once I had found a position & fell asleep, I didn't move an inch.  I woke up completely stiff and had to pop every joint in my body.  But to be 'sleeping' in my own bed again was wonderful.  

Donna, Mira's grandmother, has been keeping us very well fed. The fridge is currently stocked with plenty of stuff for the next couple of days - yay for heat and eat!  I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to cook any of the groceries I already had before they go bad :)

Last night was better; Mira's continuing her pre-birth routines: Active in the early morning; just after lunchtime and again after about 9:00.  For those of you planning visits; you might want to pick late mornings because she's a lot more fun when she's flashing those grey/blue/hazel/green/brown eyes at you (yes I've seen all of those colors already).  I'm watching for red eyes but we haven't let her get that mad yet ;)  

There have already been a couple of trips to the doc to make sure her bilirubin levels are OK.  She registered moderate/high levels on day 1 but since then all signs say that she's doing OK.  We've been sunbathing a couple of times to help and she loves the heat & light.  We're gonna take a walk to the park later today for more outside time so I'll be sure to try and get a couple more pics to show.  

I've got more pictures (and even Video - thanks Dad!) in the pipeline but I've got paperwork to fill out and a baby incoming... I'll finish this later.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

We were home about 5 hours after D was born, and it was so nice to just be in our own home so quickly.

BTW I think dad-sleeping-better-than-mom is a pretty common phenomenon. Part of it is necessity (who has the lactating boobs?) and part is just nature (mom's baby-alert system tends to be sharper than dad's). Just try to make it up to her in other ways. ; )

D's eyes started turning within days of his birth, and were all sorts of colors for months, too. Every so often people still comment about seeing a hint of green in them.

Been thinking about y'all lots in the past couple days, glad everyone's doing well. =)