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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weigh in - 10 months

Well, this month I've made some big changes to my workout routine.  Most notably, I've added MMA training to my schedule.

At the gym, I do a Strike class three times per week.  In Strike, you use weighted gloves and also a weighted staff and you do punches, kicks, and strikes with the bar, all in time to fast-paced music.  You're always hitting nothing but air, but it's a really intense workout.

Now, I've also joined a martial arts academy where I am taking MMA classes twice a week.  These classes are really about teaching you how to fight and they focus on technique.  Unlike my class at the gym, in MMA class we actually hit things.  Mostly, we pair up and one person holds pads for their partner to punch/kick, then we switch off and the other person holds the pads for their partner. Holding the pads has taken some getting used to because you have to hold the pads different ways to accept different attacks and, as you can imagine, if you don't hold the pads correctly you can get hurt.  But doing the actual attacks has come pretty well to me and I really enjoy it.

In addition to that, I've also signed up for a 5k run in November.  Brian and I are actually going to do it together, which I think will be fun.  So anyway, now I've got to train for that, which I will be doing once a week.

So.... 3 Strike classes per week, 2 MMA classes per week, and one run per week... that's 6 workouts per week.  I've been at this crazy workout schedule for two weeks now and the results are....


No weight lost.  At all.  Whatsoever.  It's rather frustrating.

That said, I am really enjoying my new routine.  I definitely find that, on the days when I work out, I have more energy and my mood is better than on those few days that I don't work out.  So that's really good incentive to work out every day.  So I fully intend to keep at this, despite the fact that I'm not seeing any results yet.

I lost 0 pounds this month. Since I started 10 months ago, I've lost 18 pounds, putting me 12 pounds away from my goal of losing 30 pounds.

1 comment:

Anjea said...

You may not see much in terms of results on the scale, because you will likely end up building up so much muscle tissue doing all of that! You'll notice a change in your general fitness, endurance, and likely how your clothes fit. Don't get too discouraged, though, if the scale numbers don't seem to correlate. :)