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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last week, we took a trip to Port Aransas.  My mom, dad and sister went too.  Mira and I went last summer, but this year Brian was able to come too, so that was extra nice.  We rented a 3 bedroom condo that had a short boardwalk over to the beach, so we spent every morning playing on the beach.  Then a short walk back to the room for lunch, put the girls down for naps, then in the afternoons we swam in the pool or went back to the beach.  In the evenings after the girls were asleep, we were able to take nighttime walks in the surf.  It was really fun.  I wished it could have lasted longer.

Ellowyn liked sitting in the shallow waves.  For being only 7 months old, she did really well on the trip.  She woke up a little more often at night, but that's just to be expected at that age.  Otherwise, she was pretty happy and would tolerate about an hour or so at the beach before needing to head back to the condo for a break.  I had brought along the baby carrier that I use when we're in the pool, and I spent a lot of my beach time with her on my chest.  I'd go out into the water till it was up to my waist and the waves would come up to wash over Ellowyn's legs and body.  She enjoyed the motions that my body made while carrying her in the waves.  

It took Mira a little while to warm up to the beach experience and on the last day of our trip was when she was really starting to get comfortable with the ocean and the waves.  But she really loved playing in the sand.

We had a great time and already plan to go back again next summer.

1 comment:

laurie said...

That sounds so awesome! Glad you and the kids enjoyed it so! Ellowyn and Mira look really happy.