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Monday, July 11, 2011


On Friday, Mira started a gymnastics class!  She really loves it.  They do fun floor activities like playing with bubbles and scarves and bells and singing songs.  And then they do a little tumbling: forward rolls, side rolls, donkey kicks, etc.  And they also have a bunch of bars and beams and other typical gymnastics equipment and the kids get to hang and balance and swing and play on it all.  It's a parent/tot class (they don't offer solo classes until the kids are at least 3 years old) so I'm following her around and spotting her on the equipment and doing the floor activities with her so it doubles as a light work out for me!  

The teacher was really impressed with Mira's strength and how long she could hold on to the bars and hang from them.  I told her it was from all the rough-housing she did with her daddy at home!

She was fearless on the balance beam.  She climbed right up onto it and before I even noticed she was trying to stand up on it.  Luckily I got to her in time to catch her as she almost pitched forward onto her face.  The teacher quickly showed me how to spot her in such a way that she could still feel her own balance and then after that she wanted to walk both balance beams over and over.

So we've signed up for the next two months.  I really like this gym because once she turns 3, they have other class options in addition to gymnastics: dance, sports, martial arts.  So not only will she get to see those things going on at the gym, she'll also get to try them out if she is interested.

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