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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little piece of FB genius

I had an interaction on Facebook that I found highly amusing. Enjoy.

Mommy friend's status (paraphrased): So glad we have a playdate this morning.
Friend's comment (paraphrased): Baby gets to go crazy while mommy sits down for a while... sounds good to me!
My comment: Except it never works out like that. Mommy is always chasing baby around: "Don't take so-and-so's toy", "Let's play over here instead of climbing the bookshelf", etc. And then one mommy says "I smell something" and then every mom has to check every little diaper. And then, invariably, one baby gets hungry, and you better believe that as soon as snackies become visible, every baby in the vicinity is STARVING because they've NEVER been fed. EVER. And then it's "Let's eat our own snack instead of grabbing so-and-so's" or "It's good to share, but not sippy cups." Really, by the end of the playdate, you just hope to have said two coherent sentences to someone who heard you and then maybe if you're lucky all the excitement will have earned you a good nap from baby.

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