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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mira tries a bottle

Yesterday we let Mira try eating from a bottle for the first time. Previously, she was exclusively breastfed. We had waited till now to introduce a bottle in order to avoid nipple confusion. She took to the bottle like a champ, although there was a bit of sputtering and gulping involved. I think she's still getting used to the high flow of the bottle compared to the breast. Daddy gave her this bottle, and I think we're going to stick to the guideline that Mommy never gives a bottle so that she continues to associate Mommy-feedings with nursing and other-people-feedings with the bottle. Anyway, I was really happy that she took to it relatively easily... She's such a good baby!


Marcy said...

Yay Mira!

Ok, so this is when I break my usual try-not-to-give-unsolicited-advice rule... But now that you know Mira does well with bottles, try to give her one if not every day, then a few times a week. The pumping and everything is a pain, yes, but this will hopefully keep her from rejecting the bottle later. Donovan did so great with bottles at first, didn't have any issues even though he was only 3 days old when we started, but then we got lazy about it and at about 2 months when we tried to give him one again he decided he didn't want anything to do with bottles after all. Maybe he would've done the same even if we'd kept it up, who knows. But it would've made a lot of things much easier over the past 10 months if he'd kept up taking a bottle.

Brian Drake said...

Thanks Marcy!! We'll keep that in mind. I've been thrilled that I get to feed Mira now too. Admittedly I felt a little put out that there was something I couldn't help my wife with (by choice, we want to use breastfeeding as primary feeding method).

I'm always willing to learn from people who have 'been there' so I'll make sure that I have the opportunity to feed my baby regularly. I think Laura won't be too resistant either because it gives her a break.