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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mira Lee Drake

It's wonderful to know what to call my baby! I find myself drawn much more to my wife's growing belly, becoming more attached to the life that's growing inside now that I have a name to call her.

We didn't do this prior to choosing the name, but it was satisfying to find the meanings of her name being so very very positive: Princess, Merry, Wonderful, Beautiful to look upon, Extraordinary, To be admired, Wonder - there are others but I like these the best :)

Meaning and Roots of the Name Mira:

Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Ameerah female Arabic princess Amira, Almira, Allihmyir, Almaia, Alimaia, Almaye
Emerald female Spanish a bright green gem Esmeralda, Esmarelda, Esmaralda, Esmiralda, Esmirelda, Esmerelda
Kasmira female Old Slavic war-like Kasamira, Kazamira
Meara female Gaelic merry Mira, Meera
Meera female Hindu Mira
Mira female Latin, Spanish; Hebrew wonder; aim; light of God Myra, Mirila, Mirella, Mirelle, Mirielle, Myrilla
Mirabelle female Latin, Spanish wonderful; beautiful to look upon Mirabel, Mrabella, Mirable, Marabel
Miranda female Latin extraordinary, to be admired Myranda, Meranda, Mira, Randy, Mandy
Palma female Old English palm bearing pilgrim Palmyra, Palmira, Palmiera


Marcy said...

How great to already have a name picked out! I was still going back and forth about Donovan right up till he was born, even though we were basically 99% decided on it. How cute that he and his cousin will share a middle name!

Someone, I think it was Cristina, recently told me she'd looked up the meanings for Donovan's name, and I forget which is which but for "Donovan" and "Lee" apparently one means warrior or fighter and the other means peaceful or something similar, and how funny that his name balances him out. ; )

Brian Drake said...

The middle name 'Lee' actually came from a funny little coincidence and desire to create a new 'tradition' on Laura's side. Both of Laura's grandmother's middle names are also Laura's... and both Mira's grandmothers middle names are "Lee".

Awesome that Donovan's middle name is also Lee - how did you pick it?

Marcy said...

Well we actually did something similar. Donovan and Lee are each of his grandmothers' maiden/last names. So together they have nice symbolism, as well as flowing well together. =)