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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a live one!

The morning of August 17th, 2008, I woke up and was just lying in bed, enjoying the warm bed and thinking about what I wanted for breakfast. These days I'm always thinking about what I'd like to eat next, being 17 weeks pregnant. As I was daydreaming of eggs-over-medium, I felt a little stirring in my belly. It definitely wasn't a hungry tummy grumble. It definitely wasn't digestion (my stomach was empty). I hadn't moved suddenly, so it couldn't be shifting due to gravity. It was a fluttering and then a tightness on one side that slowly relaxed. This was the first time that I could say without a doubt that I felt baby move inside of me. It was sort of strange but mostly amazing.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Yay! How exciting. =) I just found this blog today through Brian's shared items on google reader, looking forward to keeping up with you guys as you enter the wild and crazy world of parenthood. =)